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Teemu Selanne - Legend, Leader...Potty Mouth?

How often do you hear Teemu Selanne use a curse word? About as often as you see him in a fight, right? Well, after our loss to the Preds, Selanne had some choice expletives to describe the team’s performance.

Not that you can blame the guy. Selanne played his heart out, scored twice and then was let down by sloppy defense who made more turnovers than your grandmother on Christmas Day.

On top of that, Randy Carlyle was equally vocal in accusing Nashville of diving like Greg Louganis, while Nashville coach Barry Trotz dismissed the accusation and instead deflected by telling anyone within earshot about how many penalty minutes the Ducks have racked up compared to his team.

Hey Trotzky, I don’t know if you realize this, but that’s like comparing apples to horse apples. Bottom line here is that your guys are cheating in order to win.

When Carlyle was asked about all the Nashville diving, his reply was: “I just say the video doesn’t lie. That’s the only statement that I’ve got.”

When asked how he felt about the Predators, Carlyle’s candid answer said it all: “We hate everybody we play in the playoffs.”

Now THAT’S my kind of coach!

As the old saying goes, don’t get mad, get even. I know we all teach kids that it’s not whether you win or lose, its how you play the game…but goddamn it, I don’t want to be sent to the golf course by a team whose logo looks like a can opener!!!

C’mon Ducks! Get angry! Get aggressive! Because if you don’t, this is what Teemu Selanne is gonna do to the Ponda:

We had to wait out a (**shudder**) Lady Gaga concert, so tonight’s the night for us. I just hope the Nashville cleaning crew were able to get the smell of hairspray, rancid Cristal, Vicodan, booty sweat and all the other myriad bodily fluids that were expelled during that ickfest. Oh, don’t know who LG is? Here’s a clip of her in all her “all gimmick, no substance” worthlessness (if you’re brave enough to watch):

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  • Richard Wayne

    “All gimmick, and no substance.” Taking into consideration this whiney bitch-fest of a blog, I’d say you and Lady Gaga at least have one thing in common. Preds cheat.. seriously? I guess it’s wrong to hit the ice after being unnecessarily smashed in the head like Erat, but I’m sure you’d prefer Ruutu’s opinion on that; ask him, his dumbass will be benched Friday night, so I’m sure he’ll have the time. And by the way, that was a real hit – not like that little knick on the nose that Jason Blake suffered and had to fall out dramatically on the ice for when he got in the way of Ward’s stick. Is the an award for the NHL’s most dramatic player? Also, did you see what I did there? Compared a “hit” to a “dive?” Your welcome for the example, you should be educated, and it’s the least I can do. And a can opener? Really? Sorry we didn’t have the luxury of being spawned from some lame ass Disney movie no one watches anymore, “our bad.” Better luck on the golf course, Susan.