Ducks 6, Sharks Sunk

Sharks Tank

Ducks Gut Sharks

Ducks Don’t Need A Bigger Boat

Sharks Sink In Ducks Wake

Ducks Turn Sharks Into Chum

Carcharodon Carcharias Reduced To Hypomesus Transpacificus

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system; let’s talk about the game, shall we?

Aww, heck, the important thing is that we did what the Kings couldn’t accomplish and that’s beat San Jose.

And if they can’t beat the Sharks, what chance do they have in the playoffs?

Meanwhile, the Ducks are riding on the wings of red-hot players who aren’t showing any signs of slowing down. Make fun of Teemu Selanne’s age all you want, but I bet you can’t keep pace with him. Berate Corey Perry for typically being a 35-goal-per-season man, but he just hit a huge hat trick and the big Five-Oh. Speaking of Perry, we’ve got the RPG Line tearing up the ice like there’s no tomorrow.

And there isn’t. We’ve gotta win and win big. Decisively and without a whole bunch of stupid penalties. Bobby Ryan and Ryan Getzlaf have to dial back on how hard they’re checking guys. Parros needs to send Simmonds to the hospital. And I want to see a good, old fashioned mid-ice between Winchester and Brown. Brownie is another guy who needs to be taught a lesson. Oh, and by they way, how is this for a twisted sense of civic duty? Every time he mid-ices someone, he donates money to a charity.

Harsh words? P’raps, but have any of you scanned any of the pro-Kings/anti-Ducks sites? I usually try to stay away from the pea-brained bashings, but this time I’m truly annoyed. Anyone who has anything bad to say about Selanne and/or Perry obviously doesn’t know hockey from a hole in the ground (or any other hole, for that matter).

I’m not taking the high road this time. I’m going to say exactly what I feel. Kings fans are turning into Dodgers fans in terms of their Neanderthal attitudes, brutish behavior and asinine commentaries. Cripes, they’re almost as bad as Vancouver fans.

I welcome all Kings fans to comment, defend themselves and PLEASE prove me wrong!

P.S. BTW, Battle of California – if Jumbo Joe is so great, why isn’t he up in the stratosphere with Teemu Selanne and how is it the Ducks stomped the Sharks 6 to 2? Go take a reality pill!

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