Getzy's Booboo and Ducks 1, Preds 4

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On December the 28th, I don’t know which sound was louder, the crowd’s empathetic reaction or the sound of vulcanized rubber slamming into Ryan Getzlaf’s face.

The shot by Shane Doan – whistled in at approximately 900mph, deflected off of Cam Fowler’s stick and struck the Ducks Captain squarely between the eyes, opening up a gash that took ten stitches to close. Scans revealed the impact was so violent that it broke both maxilla bones in his nose.

But, of course, in true hockey style, Getzy kept it positive and said he was glad it wasn’t an eye.

A week later, a subdued and slightly nasally Getzlaf faced the press sporting two black eyes and some seriously Frankensteinian stitches.  I mean seriously, who sewed him up? The guy who installed the carpet in his house?

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