This Here Be A No “FLY” Zone

 If you didn’t spend at least a little bit of time laughing your head off during Game Two, then you have my condolences for being a Philadelphia fan.

 The Flyers couldn’t even get a little thing like a mid-ice sandwich right!  Dan Carcillo was hell-bent on slamming the Blackhawks Tomas Kopecky between himself and teammate Jeff Carter, but Kopy just leaned backward out of the way and Carcillo flattened Carter Keystone Kops style.

 Goaltender Leighton sounded like he was comparing Ben Eager to Alexander Ovechkin during a postgame interview.  Folks, that’s BEN EAGER he was talking about, not Johnny T.

And finally, Romper Stomper pouting Chris Pronger let his true colours fly and let us know why everyone – including Ducks fans – are fully justified in reviling him even more than Bertuzzi.

 At the end of the game, Pronger managed to collect a misconduct penalty when he picked up the puck and apparently Eager took exception.  Prior to Pronger’s interview, Eager said, “He’s been picking up pucks after the game and I just told him he can keep it.” Here’s the transcript from and the Delco Times with Pronger:

Reporter: What happened?
Pronger: I couldn’t hear [Eager], I don’t speak gibberish.
Reporter: Where’s the puck?
Pronger: It’s in the garbage,where it belongs.
Reporter: You shot a towel at Eager when he complained?
Pronger: So what?
Reporter: You’re collecting pucks now?
Pronger: Why not? What’s wrong? It’s sitting there. What else is gonna happen to it? … You got a problem with that?
Reporter: Are you gonna sell it on eBay?
Pronger: I don’t know. Apparently, it got [Eager] upset. So I guess it worked, didn’t it? It’s too bad. I guess little things amuse little minds.

What a douche!  Almost makes me miss Arthukyn.

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  • Joe Matsakapetros Jr.

    What a complete and utter arse! How childish is this Pronger charachter? Does he really think the Hawks care about the puck’s he’s throwing into the garbarge can? All he is doing is drawing more attention on himself, and the Flyers and putting more pressure on them. They’re already down 2-0.
    The tactics that Philly is using ahve been tried on the Hawks before and they haven’t worked.

    As for his cat fight with Eager: Eager has one goal and his team is up 2-0. Pronger, a non-factor and a minus one!

    Plus (big?) Chris wears size seven shoes! Enough said!