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Blackhawks Toews scores on Canucks Luongo in ChicagoFellow puckhead and all around great guy, Matt Iseman sent Fansided a shoutout of his  Stanley Cup predelictions.  Take it away, Matt!

Making picks for these Stanley Cup Playoffs would be easier if these teams hadn’t played the regular season, since the results have given a big finger to the seeding.  I had more realistic outcomes on my Sega Genesis with NHL ’94.  But it was all worth it to watch the Boston fans as their Bruins blew two 3-0 leads… that series had a train wreck inevitability about it like watching Ian Laperriere trying to eat corn on the cob.

I honestly have no dog left in this fight, so I just want more 7 game series… with the Flyers and the Habs seemingly being the two “teams of destiny” this year, I think it comes down to Halak.  If he stays as hot as he’s been, I give them the edge.

In the West, although I’ve loved watching them choke over the years, I’m actually glad to see the Sharks advancing in the same way you I tear up every time I watch the video of this kid bombing threes.  But that’s the same reason I will take the Blackhawks.

So those are my picks for this round… if you’re going to Vegas, bet at your own risk because my crystal ball is as shattered as Sami Salo’s.

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Since there is no hockey today and most hockey fans are guys, you will appreciate this.  Oh, and if any of you can actually remember anything this bimboid says, you weren’t paying attention to what’s important.

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